What 2 Things Decrease Your IELTS Listening Score?

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đang là chủ đề được rất nhiều mọi người tìm kiếm. Wiki19 chuyên cung cấp các thông tin thủ thuật về công nghệ mới nhất. Việc lựa chọn nguồn thông tin phù hợp chính xác trở lên hết sức khó khăn. Hôm nay https://wiki19.com/ xin giới thiệu đến các bạn What 2 Things Decrease Your IELTS Listening Score? . Cùng theo dõi ngay cách làm tại video bên dưới nhé:

Today we talk about 2 things that decrease your IELTS Listening score, and how to improve your listening preparation.nnVisit ielts.allearsenglish.com for the simplest and most effective IELTS strategies.nnThe IELTS Listening Exam has 4 sections, with 40 questions for you to answer. nnThe answers are always in order. nnThese are examples of exam characteristics you need to be aware of in order to get the highest scores.nnYou should also know what to expect, such as how many speakers there will be and what kinds of topics they’ll talk about.nnAdditionally, of course, knowing the test also involves learning and practicing listening strategies.nnToday, you’ll learn 2 tips that add to your IELTS knowledge and prevent you from losing it on test day!nnNot Understanding Multiple SpeakersnnRecently, we’ve received a lot of messages from IELTS candidates noting that Listening Section 3 is the most difficult for them.nnThis is because the topic under discussion is more difficult than the first two sections, and, moreover, there are at least 2 people talking.nnBoth of these things lead many students to losing track and missing the answers.nnSo, to prevent this happening to you on test day, you must improve your understanding and ability to track multiple speakers.nnFirst, find a sitcom in English. Watch for 10 minutes, so you learn what the different characters sound like.nnThen, close your eyes and just listen to the show for 10 more minutes. Focus on matching the voices you hear with the image of the characters in your mind.nnYou can also go online and get the scripts for the episode, and read along while you watch. Scripts are easy to find on Google!nnOnly Looking at the QuestionsnnMany students make the mistake of staring at the question, waiting for the answer to come, and then going to the next question. nnHowever, if they miss one answer, they may lose track altogether.nnThus, you must learn to track all the information as you listen. In note completion for instance, there is a lot of words around the questions themselves. Don’t ignore that other information. nnAs you listen, track all the words as you hear them, so you focus more intently and you are ready for each answer as it comes. Follow along actively with your pencil or finger.nnIn our online IELTS course, 3 Keys IELTS, we give you all the strategies and practice you need to score highly on all parts of the IELTS exam.nnCheck out our online course now, the only one with a guaranteed score increase, at allearsenglish.com/keys.
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